Residential Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst on the coldest night of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling summer heat wave. Times when your comfort system must work the hardest and when you need it most. A Planned Maintenance Program helps avoid breakdowns, protects and prolongs the life of your equipment, and insures that you will always receive priority service

Importance Of Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your home comfort system operating smoothly and efficiently is the key to keeping your hands out of your pocket book and not unlike your family vehicle, regular preventive maintenance will ensure your system runs clean for many years.

Important Facts To Know

Standard maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner will ensure proper running conditions. Cleaning and replacing filters, checking blower operation, electrical connections and cleaning condenser coils are just a few simple procedures to keep you and your home comfort system happy. The same type of procedures applies to your gas fireplace as well.All of our Service Technicians are fully licensed and receive on-going training. As part of your maintenance visit, our licensed service technician will:

Heating: $89.00

  • ✔  Set thermostat on “Heat”
  • ✔  Check Electrical Breaker
  • ✔  Check Filter
  • ✔  Check Vent Termination Operating System for blockage
  • ✔  Check drain pipe from furnace for blockage
  • ✔  Turn on Humidifier
  • ✔  Check that access panels on furnace are secured
  • ✔  Safety test for carbon monoxide (CO)
  • ✔  Check gas pilot safety system and service as required
  • ✔  Maintain the motor and fan
  • ✔  Check blower operation
  • ✔  Check condition, tension and alignment of fan belt and perform required adjustments
  • ✔  Service burners and set for proper combustion & ignition
  • ✔  Check gas piping to furnace
Air Conditioning: $89.00

  • ✔  Set thermostat on “Cool”
  • ✔  Breaker should be turned on 12 hours before starting unit
  • ✔  Start unit first warm day to assure it is working
  • ✔  For best air flow. Close off heat duct in basement
  • ✔  Check drain pipe from furnace for blockage
  • ✔  Check filter
  • ✔  Turn Humidifier off
  • ✔  Remove winter cover
  • ✔  Check blower operation (lubricate if necessary)
  • ✔  Check thermostat and related controls
  • ✔  Check electrical connections (tighten if necessary)
  • ✔  Check condensate drain hose
  • ✔  Clean condenser coil (outdoor)
  • ✔  Cycle air conditioner and check freon level
  • ✔  Check temperature from vents


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